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Diphy Bridge Business Cards

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Smart Business Card

Stand out with a user-friendly and innovative solution. Show your Logo and Profile Pictures, and we'll add your basic data along with a smart QR Code that redirects users to your contact summary.


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Smart QR Code

Make your print material intelligent with crisp, detailed QR Codes. Perfect for brochures, flyers, cards, and more. Ensure an easy connectivity and effortless reachability for your audience.


Diphy Bridge QR Code and VCard
Diphy Bridge Landing Pages

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Smart VCard

Istantly save contacts to the phone with a click, eliminating small, unreadable details and space limitations. Stand out with a user-friendly and innovative solution.


Enjoy the experience of the

Smart Landing page

Easily download contact cards, personalize branding, upload audio, embed videos, showcase featured articles, implement carousels, create quick links, set up Q&A or FAQs, and more.


Diphy Bridge Business Cards
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For Trade Shows

Ensure your visibility at trade shows by imprinting your face on business cards for instant recall. Utilize QR codes for a smooth contact sharing experience. Showcase key details on landing pages to captivate potential clients and drive sales.

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Diphy Bridge Business Card
Diphy Bridge Business Card

For Sales Teams

Empower your sales department with personalized business cards featuring QR codes for efficient contact sharing. Optimize client interactions with impactful landing pages showcasing essential information. Drive productivity and close deals faster with our smart marketing solutions.

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For Maximixing Events Impact

Revolutionize event networking by integrating personalized business cards with QR code functionality. Seamlessly share contact information and highlight the most important details through dynamic landing pages. Boost up attendee engagement and leave a lasting impression with our innovative marketing services.

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Diphy Bridge VCard
Diphy Bridge Landing Page

For Digital Migration

Accelerate your company's digital transformation journey with our comprehensive suite of services. Streamline processes, unlock advanced features, and optimize your budget with tailored solutions designed to facilitate the transition to digital operations seamlessly.

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For Driving Results

Accelerate your business's success with our driving results strategy. By implementing innovative solutions tailored to your needs, we empower you to surpass your goals, increase efficiency, and achieve tangible outcomes. Let us navigate your journey to success together.

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Diphy Bridge Free Hosting

Need more info?

Diphy Bridge is focused on addressing business needs. We offer printable business card templates, smart QR codes, and a system designed to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Additionally, we provide a variety of featured cards, reviews, carousels, Q&A sections, the possibility to connect all of it with your domain, and much more.

Absolutely YES. Our primary focus is to provide a secure and trustworthy system that businesses can rely on. We conduct manual reviews of all new forms or editing requests before publishing, ensuring the safety and reputation of both our and your servers.

Yes, you can connect a custom domain. We offer a dedicated plan for this purpose. Please visit our Pricing page

Not necessarily, that's the beauty of it! Diphy Bridge can function as your website, eliminating the need for coding skills or server management. Just provide us with your data, and we'll take care of the rest.

Yes, we provide a Free Trial that allows you to test our features for up to 30 days, starting from the delivery of your Business Card and Landing Page until you decide to make a purchase. No credit card is required, there are no contract obligations, and we guarantee full respect for your privacy.

You can pay securely using your card through the PayPal platform. We do not retain any of your financial details after payment, and we ensure that there are no hidden recurring payments activated. You only pay if you choose to renew.

We do not have any hidden fees beyond those described in our Pricing Plan page.